Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
11th International Symposium and Exhibition
Berlin, June 25-28, 1997
International Congress Center Berlin



CAR '97: Tutorials

Wednesday, 25th June, 1997, Hall 7

16:00 Computer Aided Surgery
J.Th. Lambrecht, MD, DMD, University Basle (CH), R. Ewers, MD, University Vienna (A)


26.6. Hall 3

15:30 The accuracy of the virtual patient system for cranio-maxillofacial navigation

U. J. Longerich, F. R. Carls, H. F. Sailer, University Hospital, Dept. of Maxillofacial Surgery, Zürich, R. Broenimann, EMPA, Dübendorf (CH)

17:15 Image guided surgery combined with remote stereotactic visualization

W. Millesi, F. Watzinger, A. Wagner, F. Wanschitz, C. Schopper, R. Ewers, AKH, Clinic for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, M. Truppe, Artma Biomedical, Wien (A)


27.6. Hall 3

09:15 "Spatial annotations" in interventional video tomography: Optimizing frameless stereotactic surgery

W. Freysinger, M. Truppe, J. Maierbäuerl, F. Pongracz, A. R. Gunkel, W. F. Thumfart, Universitäts-HNO Klinik, Innsbruck (A)


27.6. Hall 3

11:15 EURODOC An European initiative for remote knowledge visualization

M. Truppe, Forschungsinstitut für Telepräsenz, Wien (A)


CAR '97: Poster Session

63. A virtual articulator to combine diagnostic waxup with CT guided simulation of dental implant positioning

M. Truppe, Forschungsinstitut für Telepräsenz, B. Gsellmann, R. Slavicek, University of Vienna, Dental School, Dept. of Prosthetics, P. Solar, G. Watzek, Dept. of Oral Surgery (A)


CAR '97: Industrial Presentation

27.6. Hall 6

10:00 Artma Medizintechnik GmbH, Wien (A)

M. Truppe

Artma Virtual Implant system


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